TM-C7500 (G)

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Epson TM-C7500(G)

Print speed
300 mm. p/s

Print sustainability
BS5609 certified *

Print quality
Photo-realistic printing

Printer reliability
Precision core printhead

indicative price*
excl. BTW

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Epson Colorworks TM-C7500(G)

TM-C7500G vs TM-c7500


The industrial inkjet label printer for glossy media. Thanks to the UltraChrome DL-Pigment ink for glossy media.

For glossy media

Glossy material absorbs ink considerably slower because the glossy coating has a higher density. The UltraChrome DL-Pigment inks are specially developed for glossy media and ensure faster ink intake.


The industrial inkjet label printer for matte and GHS labels. With DURABrite Ultra inks for durable printing on matte media.

Durable matte printing

The Epson ColorWorks range, including the TM-C7500, with DURABrite Ultra Pigment Ink delivers, i.c.m. the right PE matte materials, labels that meet the BS5609 standard.

  • Sustainable printing

    By using pigment ink instead of dye-based ink, prints are resistant to water, alcohol, acetone and many other liquids.

  • Fast, faster, fastest

    At 300 mm per second, all your labels are printed in no time and ready for use.

  • PrecisionCore printhead

    Equipped with the latest and most advanced PrecisionCore printhead, the TM-C7500 is not only very economical in consumption but also very reliable.

  • High resolution

    The 600x1200 DPI resolution ensures fine printing with visible details.

  • ESC label (ZPL2 compatibel)

    Easy to integrate into a current application based on ZLP2.


    Print technique: inkjet (pigment)
    Resolution: 600x1200 DPI
    Print speed: 300 mm. p / s
    Print range: Max 108 mm.
    Media width: Min 50 mm. / Max 112mm.
    Detection: Gap, Black-Mark & Endless
    Interface: Ethernet & USB 2.0
    Max label length: 1152 mm.

    Supported printer languages: ESC / Label & ZPL2
    Autocutter: Yes
    Weight: 37kg
    Printer driver: Windows

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    The Epson Colorworks TM-C7500 (G) is an industrial linehead printer from Epson. The print speed, high resolution and reliability make this inkjet label printer suitable for on-demand printing of labels in large numbers.

    The TM-C7500 is available in two versions, the difference is in the two types of ink that are not interchangeable.

    TM-C7500G (for glossy media):

    The TM-C7500G uses UltraChrome DL-Pigment ink, specially developed and optimized for glossy media. "Glossy" material absorbs ink considerably slower than, for example, "matte" material because the glossy coating has a higher density. To match the drying of the ink to the high printing speed, the TM-C7500G therefore uses UltraChrome DL-Pigment ink. A disadvantage of this, compared to the TM-C7500 for "matte material", is the lower color yield, the colors are less deep and black is less black.

    TM-C7500 (for MATTE media):

    The TM-C7500 uses DURABrite Ultra Pigment ink, specially developed for Epson ColorWorks printers. The TM-C7500 is therefore the production machine for matte materials. The DURABrite Ultra Pigment ink ensure very bright colors and deep black. The Epson ColorWorks range with DURABrite Ultra Pigment ink delivers, i.c.m. the right PE matte materials, labels complying with the BS5609 standard.


    Epson is known for its reliability and solid construction and development. of its products. The ColorWorks range is no different and the TM-C7500 series is certainly an outstanding player.

    Equipped with the latest and most advanced PrecisionCore printhead, the TM-C7500 is not only very economical in consumption but also very reliable , so reliable that Epson gives a whopping 500 kilometer guarantee on the printhead.



    Maintenance box: SJMB7500
    SKU: C33S020596

    TM-7500 ink cartridges:

    Cyan : SJIC26P (C)
    SKU: C33S020619

    Magenta: SJIC26P (M)
    SKU: C33S020620

    Yellow: SJIC26P (Y)
    SKU: C33S020621

    Black (Key): SJIC26P (K)
    SKU: C33S020618

    TM-7500G ink cartridges:

    Cyan: SJIC30P (C)
    SKU: C33S020640

    Magenta: SJIC30P (M)
    SKU: C33S020641

    Yellow: SJIC30P (Y)
    SKU: C33S020642

    Black (Key): SJIC30P (K)
    SKU: C33S020639

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