Assettag free samples

The choice of material for asset tags is often a bit more difficult than previously thought.
Certainly if different properties are requested that cannot be combined in a product.

In addition to our advice, we also offer the possibility to request a sample package free of charge and without obligation. These samples can be used to test whether the material actually meets the requirements for the application in question.u00a0


Free samples

As soon as the request form has been filled in, we will send a set of samples by post.

Testing materials

Once the materials have been received, they can be tested on the actual substrate. In this way the adhesion and durability can be tested.

For proper testing of the Assettag materials it is important to take into account a number of important points. These have points related to the adhesion testing.

To properly test the adhesion, the substrate must be free of dust and grease. In addition, the adhesion is not immediately 100%. After 24 hours the adhesion is at around 80% and after 48 hours at around 95% .u00a0

Content of the sample package

In the sample package you will find some examples of all Assettag materials. To give a good idea of ​​the possibilities, these examples are different in shape, size and printing. This way the difference in colors on the different matetals is immediately visible and a first impression of the possible shapes.u00a0

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