DTD001, ECO coated

Levi van der Molen


Thermal direct paper with ECO coating.

A simple but effective thermal paper, often used for labels with a short service life. Think of transport labels, shipping labels, etc.


Grammage: 70 ± 6 g / m²
Thickness: 83 ± 7 μm
Opacity: 88 ± 3%
Whiteness CIE (fs): 155 ± 5%
Smoothness (fs) (Bekk): 55 ± 20 sec
Stiffness (MD): 4.5 ± 2 mN
Stiffness (CD): 2 ± 1 mN


Water resistant
paper when wet fragile.
glue strength
Permanent universael
Black yield
Sensitivity UV light (yellowing)
Sensitivity to scratches


The above material properties are the result of extensive testing of the materials in combination with the label printers from Godex and / or Seiko instruments.

These properties give an honest and good image of the quality. Nevertheless, before placing orders, we advise you to request a sample role to test yourself.

Smart2B is at all times free to make changes to the material without prior notice if Smart2B deems this necessary for whatever reason.