Godex wifi module HD830i

Levi van der Molen

Wifi module for the Godex 8 inch HD830i label printer

The 8 "inch wide label printer HD830i from Godex can be expanded with a WiFi module if desired.

The Godex HD830i is a printer that, due to its 8 inch width, is widely used in the chemical industry and in logistics solutions is being used.
The printer cannot always be placed at a place where a fixed network connection is available.
By expanding with a wifi module this is no longer a problem and the Godex HD830i can be connected wirelessly. the network can be connected.
This means that the printer can not only be operated locally from a PC but from all devices in the network.

Placing the Wi-Fi module can be done directly when purchasing the label printer as afterwards.
When purchasing the Godex HD830 label printer in combination with the wifi module, the printer is delivered ready-made.
The installation of a wifi module in an existing label printer must be done by an authorized dealer in order to prevent warranty issues.

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