Diamondlabels (TT) Thermal Transfer Printermedia

Thermal Transfer is a technique whereby heat transfers ink from an ink ribbon to the label material.

With this technique, it is not only the label material that is important for achieving optimum results. It is very important to combine the right label material with the right type of ink ribbon. Only with the right combination of label material and ink ribbon will an optimum result be achieved.

Thermal Transfer materials are available in many different types. In addition to the usual paper and plastic types, there are also many specialist materials. For example, the Thermal Transfer "Thermal Transfer" print technique is also used for nameplates, washing labels in clothing, for long-term archiving, mattress labels, plant plugs, hanging cards, jewelry labels, etc.

varieties from our range. The more specialist materials are available on request. Do you have questions about the materials below or are you looking for a special material for your application?
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16 November 2017

DTT0001, mat paper

Thermal Transfer

description: Standard matte thermal transfer paper. This print media is suitable for many applications where the lifespan is important so that a thermal direct paper is not sufficient. Use this media in combination with a WAX ink ribbon ...