In addition to the purchase value of the printer and the media, the costs per print are often also considered. In the case of a thermal printing solution this is a relatively simple calculation, but with an inkjet label printer this is different.

Factors that can, among other things, weigh up in an honest insight into the costs are:

  • the addition of color to the label generates extra income;
  • or does it actually save money due to the lack of loss and keeping inventory;
  • flexibility can also be created for, for example, customized marketing and personalization of labels.

The ExpoBadge of Diamondlabels is a good example of this, although the cost per print is higher, certainly with larger volumes, the added value is more than sufficient due to the flexibility.

Of course, in addition to the above-mentioned factors, the printer, printer media and the like, the amount of ink to be used is a weighting factor.
Send us an example of the label to be printed, preferably in PDF format, and we will calculate the costs for you.

To determine the cost of using an inkjet printer, more is needed than just purchasing the printer, ink, and media. The abbreviation TCO stands for Total Cost of Ownership, or the total cost of ownership.

Unlike Epson, most other brands have the disadvantage that the print head must be replaced one or more times during the life of the printer .

The Epson philosophy is that the print head should last as long as the printer itself. The purchase price of an Epson printer is therefore slightly higher, but the TCO is ultimately lower over the entire life of the printer.

Nothing can be said about the cost per label or the ink consumption based on an average, each
label size and printing is different.

A coverage ratio in combination with a label format does not say much either, one color simply uses more ink than the other color.

As GOLD partner of Epson ColorWorks help with this. In addition to a quotation for the labels in the right format and design, we are happy to calculate, based on a supplied label design, how many labels can be printed per ink cartridge. This can then be calculated back to the ink costs per label.

Only taking a decision on the purchase price of an inkjet color label printer will lead to the well-known saying: "Cheap is expensive".

We look further and go through all variables together with the customer. This includes costs per label, ink consumption and maintenance, but other cost savings are also included.

In addition to all the above-mentioned factors, creative thinking can provide extra added value than expected. Involving a marketing department in this process can certainly be of value.
Ultimately, we arrive at a fair “long-term” cost overview that shows that more expensive purchases are quickly recovered.

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Table Top Label Printers: Comparing Devices' Total Cost of Ownership.
Memjet (trojan) USA Epson PrecisionCore USA Canon bubble jet (Kiaro)

Inkjet label printers are divided into three types of technologies, viz. MemJet systems, Canon Bubble jet and last but not least the technology developed by Epson that Epson keeps for itself. Afinia and you'll find it everywhere.

Kiaro! and SwiftColor use the CANON Bubble jet technology and they find considerably less in the Benelux.