Numbering management

Order a number of Asset tags with ease.

Not all organizations appear to be equally good at keeping track of the ordered order number. There may be many reasons for this, think of the colleague who was responsible for this, but has since left, a lack of communication between different departments or simply because the IT equipment is ordered from different suppliers who place the asset tags but do not benefit from know each other which numbers have already been used and which have not yet been used. Just a few examples that we regularly have to deal with.

So that can be much better, let us keep track of the numbering for you and prevent duplicate numbers from ending up in the database.

How are we going to work "together"?

First of all, logic and clear, clear agreements are necessary to be able to take care of this for you. For this, choices have to be made to draw up rules from which the numbers can be determined. Sometimes this is relatively simple by only keeping an ascending number and looking at the last produced asset number. In other cases there are more variables such as year or supplier code that must be included in the number of the asset tags.

If all this is clear to us and you, we must determine who can request these asset tags and where the order must meet to determine the numbers.

About creating and determining a numbering you can find on the page numbering determine our advice.