03-2019: Smart2B is moving!

Smart2B is moving on 08-03-2019

Yes that’s right, Smart2B leaves its location in Otterlo after almost 14 years.
A lot has happened in 14 years, most milestones can be found in our company profile. Smart2B has grown to become a full-fledged company on the Harskamperweg 34 in Otterlo, and in 2015 a new office was built here. This new office should provide sufficient space for growth in the coming years. But already after 2 years it appeared that this building was already becoming somewhat small.

In 2018, it has been decided that we are going to move. We will start from our new location on 11-03-2019. Our new address will be:
Smart2B B.V.
Lenderinkweg 8
6733 AX Wekerom
The Netherlands

Space for growth

Of course, we hope to continue growing in the upcoming years. When looking for our new location, the possibility to keep growing at our current rate has also been taken into account. We needed enough space, not just for today but also for tomorrow. Especially the production and the warehouse will get a lot of extra space. The new location holds more than twice the space for production and stockroom than our current location, exactly what we needed. The office will also be more spacious and we will have access to a separate meeting room.

This way we know for sure that we can continue what we do for the years that are ahead of us. if the growth is going to be larger than that we expected it to be, then we are just as grateful to you as customer. After all, we have grown much faster than expected and that is only positive.


Relocation business will always have a impact. Often the impact is quite large and problems will occur. For example, limited accessibility. With the moving of Smart2B B.V. this will obviously not be any different. But we will do everything we can to minimize the impact for you as customer. We are also trying to inform all of our customers as well as suppliers in a timely manner.

The planning

We are already busy preparing days before the relocation date and it is possible that stocklevels are limited or maybe temporarily unavailable. Should it be that we have trouble with the delivery of your order, we will of course contact you

On Friday 08-03-2019 the moving trucks are standing in front of our door in Otterlo. This means that we will transfer everything during this day. Therefor we will not be accessable by telephone during this day. We also have no access to our computers. production will also be on hold as the machines are being moved during the day. This means that we also have very limited access to our email so emails will hardly be read and answered. Fortunately, in the modern day we have so-called smartphones and we can now and then quickly check whether there are urgent matters or not. Because the stocks will also be transferred on this day no orders will be shipped out during this day. So in short, the company will be on hold durring the entire day in terms of regular business.

In order to be able to serve our customers as quickly as possible, we try to limit the inconveniences for only this one Friday. This means that we will be preparing the new location during the weekend with some extra help so we can be up and running on Monday, March 11th. We are not completely naïve and we do realize that Monday will not run smooth as we want it to do. In addition, we will also have to get used to our new environment. We are therefore aware that it will have a considerable big impact in this period and hope for your understanding.

Important dates:

The day before the moving start we already going to be packing the non essentials. we will not receive deliveries this day. However, we will try to send all deliveries to customers this day.

The day of the moving. Smart2B is not reachable by phone during this day and orders can not be recieved and delivered during the whole day.

The first day at the new location. This day we will try to overtake all work, while we apply the finishing touch.

Questions or urgent matters during the relocation?

If you are in urgent matters, please send an email. Start the subject of this mail with “*URGENT!*” So that the mail stands out. Although this does NOT guarantee that we can answer the mail, it does increase the chance considerably. We do however only ask you to do this if you need a answer as soon as possible.