CW-C4000 ExpoBadge print speed

The Epson CW-C4000 is the new desktop printer from Epson within the ColorWorks series.
It is very similar to the C3500 only with many more possibilities.

The printer is not only faster but also produces much nicer prints due to its new print head and higher resolution.
You can also Colormanage the printer as we have seen with the Epson ColorWorks CW-C6000 series.
This results in much nicer prints and better color reproduction, where the TM-C3500 often did not resemble the color you got from the printer, for example, you can now reproduce the colors beautifully.

To give you a clear impression of the printing speed before the printers are available, we have included 2 videos of the 2 most used badge formats of ExpoBadge.
The ExpoBadge 260 and the ExpoBadge 260S.