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Nicelabel software

In a number of cases, labels can be printed from a paid application or, for example, an ERP software. As soon as variable data such as production data, THT data and serial numbers are used, a software program is needed that helps to efficiently print the right labels.

Nicelabel has advanced software solutions ranging from simple to very extensive. . As a partner of Nicelabel we not only guide the customer through the process to make the right choice, but also help with the realization of the first application and all of this falls under "unpaid" service at Smart2B.

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A label solution must be simple and cost-efficient.

Due to the large range of brands, printer types and types of media, the right solution is not always easy to find. Often advice is needed to make an informed decision.

Once the label solution is running, it is important that support can be provided at the time of questions or if a malfunction occurs. Call us, we are ready.

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Custom marketing

Our partners enjoy many extras so that they can approach the market with care and professionally and provide their relations with the right information and documentation.

In addition to official documentation, Smart2B also has its own documentation in the form of special manuals, brochures, and price lists.

Upon request, we adapt this documentation to the partner's house style, including logos and contact details.

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Cost calculations

We are repeatedly asked to calculate the cost per printed label, certainly in the case of color labels with an Epson ColorWorks inkjet printer.

To make a fair comparison between printing color labels yourself, compared to pre-printed media, however, there is more to it than just the cost per label ... think for example of the added value of flexibility, personalization, private labeling and the lack of delivery time, regardless of the volume.

In addition, often the indirect costs, such as storage costs and loss due to changes, of pre-printed media are not included in the calculation.

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