Epson ColorWorks CW-C6000 series productvideo

Epson’s new ColorWorks CW-C6000 series printer series offers high productivity and high reliability.
They also offer many additional possibilities that were not previously possible with a color label printer, such as a complete function for printing the right colors with ICM& ICC profiles for color management.
A “Spot Color” function is also available in the Windows printer driver.

The CW-C6000 series is available in 2 different widths.
CW-6000*e Media width: 25.4 to 112 mm (print width max 108 mm)
CW-6500*e Media width: 25.4 to 215.9 mm (print width max 211.9 mm)

The CW-C6000 series also offers the choice between 2 different options for processing the labels.
The CW-C6*00Ae comes with a rotary cutter to cut endless rolls or other labels.
The CW-C6*00Pe comes with a peeler where the labels are indicated per piece for easy and quick use in, for example, a packing line or with automatic application applications.

In addition to the fact that there are already 4 different models, a choice must also be made which black ink you want to use.
So you have to choose between the CW-6000 MKor BKink set.
MK: is when you only print matte media such as GHS labels, matte labels or textured wine labels.
The MK ink provides deep blacks and a better range of deep and dark colors.
BK: can be used for all inkjet materials, both gloss and matte and is the right choice if you want to be a bit more flexible in your materials.
On matte media, the dark and deep colors may appear a bit washed out compared to the MK.
Ask us by phone for the BK vs MK sample booklet.